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including Brendon Leach, Al Hirschfeld and Kevin Macpherson

including Brendon Leach, Al Hirschfeld and Kevin MacphersonScreen shot 2014-04-09 at 10.54.46 AMScreen shot 2014-04-09 at 10.55.35 AM Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 10.57.22 AM Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 10.58.19 AM

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 10.58.19 AM Each of these artist have different personalities shown through the web design.  Leach uses his style of art as the main focus of his website. He head on tell the view that he is an illustrator that works mostly in pen and ink. Al Hirschfeld has a fancy design that empasizes line work and details but also includes his caricatures. Lastly Kevin Macpherson previews his work on his home page to tell views his style is painterly.

A style that I want to show in my website would be similar to Leach’s and Macpherson  because I want to  show people my art once they see the home page.




This box for my product Illumuno is colorful yet modern because our product is a pair of glasses that help people find misplaced items. I chose to use these colors because in our logo the glasses are shooting out rays in different colors to represent that our product can find anything.  The men wearing our product was my first logo design that I felt illustrated the products usage. In the end I feel that this product would be successful because as a consumer I enjoy looking at unique boxes.

Existing Package Designs

Creative-Packaging-Designs images germanium1


!. The package for pasta fives off a fun tone. Using the shape of the noodles as a person’s  hair is normally don by children in elementary school. The type is playful because it is not straight across.  Grabs my attention through the connection between image and product.

2.The package design of the four apple juice boxes gives off a classic tone. The four juice boxes together form the image of an apple. On the inside of the apple are the nutritional facts. Grabs my attention because of the image.

3. The package design is obviously about a body and it gives off a sophisticated tone. The product is of massage salts therefore it makes sense. The shape of the package and he image caught my attention.